Tyron Smith Signing with Aaron Rodgers’ Jets?

LAS VEGAS – The Dallas Cowboys do not have their answer on Tyron Smith. And until they do, the New York Jets can not have Tyron Smith.

Tyron Smith Signing with Aaron Rodgers' Jets?

But the legendary blocker is being linked to a move in free agency that would be a head-turner … and an oddity for Cowboys Nation: Tyron in green … offering offensive line protection for quarterback Aaron Rodgers?!

Everyone knows the story with the 40-year-old Rodgers: He will be coming off a torn Achilles and he will be expected to be heroic for the Jets.

The best way to ensure that happens? Keep him upright. And JetsCountry.com at SI is projecting that New York might want to do that by chasing Tyron.

Smith is a member of the NFL’s 2010s All-Decade Team, and when he plays, he plays well.

“This is clearly his best season that I’ve experienced with him since 2020,” said Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy after the season. “So, he felt really good about that.”

But he is 33 and has battled injuries the past few seasons. He’s missed 37 games the last four years and this season, the Cowboys developed a “Tyron Wednesday” policy that saw him regularly skip practice in order to avoid wear and tear.

On the one hand, the Cowboys would hate to see him go – on a personal and professional level. He is notably close to the Jones family; maybe that helps him make a financial sacrifice to stay at The Star, as he did last year.

And again, when he plays, the future Hall of Famer plays well.

Or maybe Smith, as a free agent, is allowed to leave as the Cowboys move to his heir apparent in in Tyler Smith who, at 22, this year made the Pro Bowl and also second-team All-Pro. Tyler could switch from guard to tackle and become an institution there.

But there is also this: We wonder if Tyron would rather call it quits than hang on for another year in a new city with new teammates.

Stay? Leave? Retire? It’s a compelling Cowboys storyline for the offseason … and maybe it’s a compelling storyline in New York as well.

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