Saints GM Hints At Blockbuster Trade

New Orleans Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis Offered Some Interesting Comments When Discussing A Potential Marshon Lattimore Trade
Report: Marshon Lattimore, Saints Agree to 5-Year, $97.6M Contract Extension | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

Marshon Lattimore has been the subject of trade talks for months now, and those rumors only escalated with the selection of Alabama cornerback Kool-Aid McKinstry. Largely projected to be a first-round pick, New Orleans aggressively traded up after the cornerback fell into the second round. Now with three reliable cornerbacks in McKinstry, Paulson Adebo, and Alontae Talyor, the cash-strapped Saints could look to move their four-time Pro Bowler.

If the Saints trade Marshon Lattimore, other teams might need to raise their offers. During a recent interview, Saints general manager Mickey Loomis spoke about how he’d prefer to keep the star cornerback on the team.

“When a guy is a really good player for your team, they’re not on the market per se, but there are times when you get a call and somebody makes a proposal and it might make sense for you,” Loomis said. “That’s true for any player on your team. If you get an offer you can’t refuse, you at least have to look at it. So, that’s what I would say. I’m not actively trying to trade Marshon. Marshon is such a good player, he’s an elite corner. He’s had some injuries the last couple seasons that have kept him off the field, and we’ve got to get over that. It’s not his fault, it’s just circumstances. That’s just where we’re at.”

Saints GM Mickey Loomis Hints At Marshon Lattimore Trade

New Orleans Saints GM Mickey Loomis talks win over Giants, 'Thursday Night Football' against Rams

Reading between the lines, Loomis seems open to a Marshon Lattimore trade and is trying to get a higher offer. While Lattimore is still an effective player when on the field, injuries limited him to just 17 games over the past two seasons. Additionally, he currently carries a $14.6 million cap hit, and New Orleans can clear $3.97 million by trading him after June 1st. Seeing as he’s set to carry a $31.4 million cap hit in 2025, the Saints should welcome the opportunity to take that contract off their books.

While Lattimore is still a good player, he’s no longer a great one. Age and injuries have taken their toll on the veteran, as he is no longer the lockdown cornerback from seasons ago. According to Pro Football Focus, the cornerback finished the 2023 season with a 67.4 PFF grade, the 50th-best player out of 127 eligible players.

When factoring in cost, injury history, and declining play, the Saints could trade Marshon Lattimore for whatever they can get. This team is in salary cap hell, and Lattimore’s play doesn’t come close to justifying his contract. With that in mind, some teams could be interested in sending a late-round pick for a reliable starter at a premium position.

Possible Destinations

Kansas City Chiefs

Why Haven't the Kansas City Chiefs Changed Their Name? | Vogue

The Chiefs found answers at wide receiver and offensive tackle during the 2024 NFL Draft, but they could use another cornerback. Kansas City’s defense was one of the best in the league last year, but they’ll have a tough time replicating that success with L’Jarius Sneed in Tennessee. Trent McDuffie will be the top cornerback on this team, but Marshon Lattimore could provide a much-needed reliable CB2 presence in a trade.

New England Patriots

The Patriots added more offensive talent than anyone else during the 2024 NFL Draft. While it’s hard to argue against this, it also means the team did not add a cornerback opposite Christian Gonzalez. Marshon Lattimore is an ideal fit in Jerod Mayo’s defense, and the Patriots have more than enough cap space to handle a trade. This team will still need to win games with defense in the short term, which makes the need for Lattimore all the more pressing.

Los Angeles Chargers

Much like the Patriots, Los Angeles spent the draft adding some much-needed talent to the offensive side of the ball. Losing Brandon Staley is addition by subtraction for the Chargers defense, but they could still use another defensive back to slow down the high-powered aerial attacks of the AFC. Marshon Lattimore is a perfect trade candidate for a Los Angeles team looking to make a deep playoff run in the first year of the Jim Harbaugh Era.

Minnesota Vikings

Cornerback is the most important position in a Brian Flores defense, so the Vikings should be interested in acquiring as many as possible. While the team added Khyree Jackson in the fourth round, Minnesota could trade for a Day 1 contributor in Marshon Lattimore. J.J. McCarthy shouldn’t be the focal point of the team at this stage in his career, so Lattimore’s presence could help put less pressure on the rookie.

Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders played well under Antonio Pierce, but they’ll need to build the defense if they want that to continue into 2024. Seeing as they share a division with elite quarterbacks in Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert, Vegas should trade for Marshon Lattimore to try and slow down these high-powered passing attacks. Aidan O’Connell and Gardner Minshew aren’t capable of going blow-for-blow with those two, so the Raiders will need to win with defense.

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