Carmelo Anthony Offers To Be A Mediator To Solve Kevin Durant-Draymond Green Feud

Carmelo Anthony has stepped forward with a proposition to act as a mediator in resolving the ongoing feud between Kevin Durant and Draymond Green.

Draymond Green cùng Kevin Durant chia sẻ về drama 2018

“I’m just not because, I’ma keep it a bet, I’ma keep it a f**k. I f**k with both of them. You get what I’m saying? So, if it’s anything that I can do, let’s have a conversation. Like, if it ain’t nothing that, you ain’t hurt me, you ain’t hurt my family.”

“You ain’t, you said some foul s**t. Like, you know, you, you said what you felt at the time because that was just situations. You, that’s your teammate. That’s a, so that’s the energy that you around after that situation.” (1:20)

Speaking candidly on his 7PM in Brooklyn podcast, Anthony expressed his willingness to facilitate a conversation between the two NBA stars, emphasizing his mutual respect and connection with both players.

The rift between Durant and Green has been well-documented, with tensions escalating at various points throughout their careers. Despite their shared success as teammates on the Golden State Warriors, including winning two championships together, their relationship has been characterized by ups and downs, as revealed by Green in his recent interview on Anthony’s podcast.

Green, while acknowledging Durant’s talent and achievements, admitted to feeling unsettled by Durant’s public comments about him, particularly regarding a televised statement expressing concern for Green’s well-being. However, Green reaffirmed his enduring respect and affection for Durant, emphasizing that his love for his former teammate remains unchanged.

Anthony’s offer to mediate reflects a desire to foster reconciliation and harmony between Durant and Green, recognizing the importance of communication and understanding in resolving conflicts. By providing a platform for dialogue and reconciliation, Anthony aims to facilitate healing and reconciliation between the two players, paving the way for a positive resolution to their longstanding feud.

While tensions between Durant and Green may persist, Anthony’s intervention offers a glimmer of hope for reconciliation and renewed camaraderie between the two NBA stars.

As they navigate their respective careers and personal relationships, the possibility of mending fences and restoring their friendship remains within reach, thanks to Anthony’s initiative and commitment to fostering unity within the basketball community.

Draymond Green Understands How Bad The Rudy Gobert Chokehold Incident Was

Draymond Green’s recent reflection on the Rudy Gobert chokehold incident reveals a newfound understanding of the severity of his actions. Speaking on Carmelo Anthony’s podcast, Green admitted that upon initially reviewing the incident, he underestimated its gravity, only to realize later the extent of his actions.

“Rudy Gobert thing happened. Everybody going crazy, losing their minds in the moment I ain’t feel like it was bad as it was. Once I watched it, I’m like, oh, shit, it was crazy.”

“I got to the locker room, start watching the video I’m like, ‘alright, I got him.’…All of a sudden, the video keep going. I’m like, all right, cool. I still got him, man. I got him for a long time. And I’m like, yo, this is wild. This went on way longer than I realized.” (24:00)

Recalling the moment, Green acknowledged the intensity of the situation and the reactions it elicited, admitting that upon watching the video, he was taken aback by how prolonged the altercation was. His candid admission reflects a deeper awareness of the impact of his actions and their consequences, contrasting with his initial perception in the heat of the moment.

This introspective moment comes amidst a tumultuous season for Green, marked by multiple suspensions and altercations on the court. Despite the challenges he’s faced, Green remains steadfast in his commitment to defending his teammates, a characteristic he values deeply and sees as integral to his identity as a teammate and friend.

While Green’s actions may be subject to interpretation and scrutiny from external observers, he remains resolute in his loyalty to his teammates and his readiness to stand by them in times of conflict. His unwavering support for his teammates underscores his dedication to his role on the team and his willingness to prioritize their well-being above all else.

As Green continues to navigate the complexities of professional basketball, he hopes to contribute to the success of the Golden State Warriors and make meaningful contributions on and off the court. With a renewed perspective on his actions and their implications, Green seeks to learn and grow from his experiences, striving to be the best teammate and player he can be as the season progresses.

Klay Thompson Saved Draymond Green After He Was Struck In Traffic

In a dramatic turn of events reminiscent of a Hollywood movie, Klay Thompson demonstrated his unwavering support for his teammate Draymond Green by orchestrating a daring water rescue.

“First time I actually went on Klay’s boat. The thing happened with Rudy Gobert… I was coming back, I flew into Oakland. The Bay Bridge was shutdown, there was a protest on the Bay Bridge… I couldn’t get to the gym”

“Klay came on his boat across the water to pick me up in Jack London Square in Oakland. Eric Housen tried to get the cops to like escort me through. Nothing could work, you could not get across.” (43:52)

Stranded on the wrong side of the bay due to pro-Palestinian protests shutting down the Bay Bridge, Green found himself in a predicament trying to reach the Warriors’ gym in San Francisco. However, in a stroke of luck, Thompson swooped in to save the day using his trusty boat, the Axopar 37 Cabin.

Reflecting on the incident during an episode of “7PM in Brooklyn,” Green recounted how Thompson, known for his love of boating and spending time on the water, navigated across the bay to pick him up from Jack London Square in Oakland. Despite attempts by team management to find alternative solutions, Thompson’s unconventional rescue mission proved to be the only viable option in the face of gridlocked traffic.

For Thompson, who often retreats to the tranquility of the water for mental solace, the rescue was not just an act of camaraderie but also a reflection of his supportive nature towards his teammates. Fondly referred to as the “Nordic Knife” or “Splash Express,” Thompson’s boat symbolizes his sanctuary away from the pressures of professional basketball, a sentiment he has previously expressed in interviews.

Thompson’s timely intervention serves as a testament to the unwavering support and camaraderie that defines their relationship both on and off the court, reinforcing the notion that true teammates always have each other’s backs, no matter the circumstances.

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